About Us

First generation Ozzy. For your listening pleasure.

Madman is a San Diego based Ozzy tribute band focused on his Blizzard years with Randy Rhoads.  We accurately reproduce every nuance of Ozzy’s music, along with the energy and excitement of an early Rhoads era tour.

Finalized in September 2012, Madman was in the planning stages for some years. When the topic of tribute bands came up two things came to mind. First, finding something that hadn’t been done into the ground already and second, what musically could we do the most justice to.

Not many of us got to experience the Rhoads era Ozzy solo tours. Luckily I did, twice. Left a lifelong impression on a 14 year old. Like many in my generation I’ve been chasing Randy Rhoads ever since. So with the addition of Javier Vega on drums we’re ready to pay homage to an era that touched many a music fan and musician alike.